November 2013 Promotions

It’s already November and sunset-colored leaves begin to cover the ground. A beautiful and tranquil landscape—it’s most likely the best way to describe what you see when you look outside the window. But revert your eyes back to your computer screen or mobile devices and you will find a completely different scenario when you see all the awesome rewards you can get when you play at King Solomons Casino all month long!

Our highly rewarding King Solomons Casino November 2013 Promotions will surely get you fired up, especially with all the cash, prizes, and freebies up for grabs. So don’t mind the nostalgic scenery outside. Instead, focus on how you can emerge as the big winner this month!

Watch out for the games we feature this month because they pack exciting bonus deals and freebies that will make your gaming experience in your top casino online more entertaining and fun. You can win free extra playing credits or have additional bonuses on your payouts! Just keep an eye on our weekly newsletter on how you can score big from these featured games all month long.

When you deposit on your account this November, you will also be entitled to receive a deposit match bonus. But the catch here is that the bonus grows for every consecutive deposit you make. And when you keep funding your account this month, you may very well earn a 100% match bonus! So what are you waiting for? Deposit more frequently and earn that sweet bonus.

And right before the month ends, we will be holding a raffle draw where you can win loads of cash and tons of cool gadgets like tablets, smartphones, and cameras. Joining is free as long as you meet the requirements stated in our terms and conditions. Just check our newsletter for further announcements.

Make the most of our King Solomons Casino November 2013 Promotions to win lots of rewards! Play now in our casino or click here to join us and you will absolutely have the best time this month!


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